1. How long does the brownies stay fresh? - If you keep them in the jar, they will be fresh for 5 days.
    - If you keep them in the box, they will be fresh for 3 to 4 days.
  2. How big are the brownies? Our brownies are considered "bite size" (3cm cube size)
  3. What if I have allergies? Unfortunately, we don't offer a nut free option because we bake in a kitchen that uses nuts.
    All of our brownies contain wheat, eggs, milk and soy and are baked in a kitchen that also uses nuts.
  4. Can I pay online? For the meanwhile no you can't, payments are cash on delivery.
  5. Do you ship abroad? Yes we do ship, but:
    a- order must be placed atleast 3 days in advance.
    b- packaging type is box not Jar.
    c- minimum order 12 box (whatever size).
    d- it will take 1 business day from our ovens to customer's hands, to ensure maximum freshness.
    e- when order arrived, customer will pick his shipment from airport.
    f- shipping costs and other fees will be added to the invoice.
    *note: we don't ship to KSA.
  6. What are your working hours? Our working hours are from 9am to 9pm
  7. If I am abroad and would like to order a gift for a friend in Kuwait, can you arrange it? Yes sure, just go to contact and fill the contact form with your request.