About Us

Have you ever known a brownie that could give you more? We guarantee it’ll be love at first bite, but we’ll let our brownies do the talking. All you have to do is “mmmm!”

We started our business simply with only 4 flavors on June 2009, which eventually grew to reach 14 flavors.

Our mission:
Offering brownies in extraordinary taste with intense care and guaranteed freshness upon arrival.

Our vision:
Customer satisfaction, offering unforgettable impression and widening our span.

About Our Brownies

We believe that you only get what you put in, That’s why we carefully choose the best ingredients in our brownies.

What differentiates our brownies is their freshness, fudgy and extra moist texture that simply melt in your mouth!

Our brownies have proven to be extremely popular with adults and children alike!

Our brand has been founded in Kuwait by it’s founder Mrs. Noor K Alosaimi, and all of our baked goods are made in Kuwait

Brownie size: Our brownies are considered bite size (cube size 3cm)